The Trains

Brossard Light Maintenance and Storage Facility

Located south of the intersection of Highway 10 and 30, Brossard Maintenance and Storage Facility (MSF) is the primary facility for the ongoing maintenance and storage of the Alstom Metropolis rolling stock. The facility also contains the main control centre for all operations and is staffed 24/7.

When trains end service at Brossard station, they will continue onward to enter the facility and, based on the operational needs, either be sent to the storage or maintenance hall.

To ensure the cleanliness of the rolling stock, an automated "car-wash" is found at the entrance of the facility where trains can be automatically cleaned before going into storage.

Whenever trains are not in-service, the storage yard is a covered facility part of the MSF. It contains 9 tracks that can accommodate 54 double cars and 6 trains per track. including all the ones needed to operate the South Shore branch once it opens. Each track is directly accessible from outside through an automated door.

As the trains are fully-automated, their movement within the storage yard is also automated using a similar positioning system as found throughout the line. Inside the main hall, the trains are accessible from either side to allow for visual inspection of the rolling stock and can move on their own power. Various interlocking systems are in place to ensure the safety of staff navigating within the facility.

Composed of four tracks parallel to the Storage Hall, the Maintenance Hall is where the necessary work to maintain the fleet of Alstom Metropolis used by the REM. Given the nature of the work and the possibility of damage or issues, trains might operate in manual control to enter and exit this facility, a rare occurrence on the REM network.

The facility is equipped to perform preventive and corrective maintenance on-site for the duration of the contract between Groupe PMM (SNC Lavalin / Alstom Partnership) and CDPQ Infra. Work bays are found on two tracks, cranes allow for the separation of bogeys and cars, and jacks and elevated platforms allow access to all elements of the rolling stock.

As the REM will operate 20 hours out of every day, maintenance will be done on a rotating basis between the vehicles, ensuring that enough trains are available for the expected level of service and dynamic spares should any issue arise.

Overview of the Brossard Maintenance Facility, facing South. On the left, the main maintenance hall, at the right, the control centre.At the back, the storage hall.
Inner layout of the storage hall. 9 tracks can store up to 54 double cars. The hall is fully automated using the yellow tags on the tracks, allowing for storage to be automated and not require human intervention.