The Stations



Ile-des-Soeurs is located in the median of Autoroute 10. This station is the first mass-transit station to exist on the island and is located right next to the headquarters of Bell Canada, as well as various new residential developments located around the island. While the station is at ground level, it is still elevated when compared to the surrounding areas. Trains going towards downtown Montreal use an elevated guideway over the westbound lanes of Autoroute 10, before passing next to the VIA Rail Montreal Maintenance Centre.

Construction at the station started in Fall 2019 as construction for the new Sameul de Champlain bridge was mostly completed. The new bridge also included the required space to allow for the construction of the REM in the middle of the structure.

As of it's opening on July 31, 2023, it is the final stop before reaching the intial terminus of the line at Gare Centrale. However, a station will be built in Griffintown at a future date.

  • Unlike Du Quartier and Panama, the two other stations built in the median of Autoroute 10, this station features side platforms for each direction of travel.
  • The station only has one entrance located under Autoroute A10. As with Panama, passengers must go up to reach platform level.
  • As a styling element to recall the Samuel de Champlain bridge, white vertical metal bars are located on the outside walls of the station as a visual cue to the haubans that support the central section of the bridge.
  • The construction of the station in its current site was made possible with the reconstruction of the Champlain bridge which was completed in 2019. 
  • The station features a small bus loop for STM buses that connect Ile des Soeurs and Verdun, and a passenger drop-off area on the south of the station.
  • Located on the northside of the underpass, passengers can access the multi-use pathways through the Samuel de Champlain bridge which offers unprecedented views of the St-Lawrence, Downtown Montreal and the South Shore.
  • While the stations on the South Shore have an orange / gold accent color, to recall the agricultural past of the lands on which Brossard and Longueuil are built, Ile-des-Soeurs is the first station that features white accents that are found throughout the fixtures, landscaping and ceramic throughout the station, a common element among most stations of the main segment located on the Island.
  • To the south of the station, a public plaza with a splash pad will be opened at a future date.


  • Opening Date: July 31, 2023
  • Line: Main Segment | Brossard-Gare Centrale
  • Platforms: 2 - side platforms for each direction of travel.
  • Previous Station: Panama
  • Following Station: Griffintown-Bernard-Landry (at a future date) - Gare Centrale (at opening)
  • Platform Height: 14.3m above street level
  • Fare zone: A