The Stations

Du Ruisseau (2024)

The Du Ruisseau station replaces the train station with the same name. This station was designed to include an entrance square (west side entrance), with an area of nearly 300 m2. A new bike path leading to Parc Saint-Laurent will be added. A multifunctional underground walkway will also be built to allow users and residents to cross the REM tracks at Jean-Massé Street and Dutrisac Street.

The station is located on Henri-Bourassa Boulevard West, between Dutrisac Street and Jules-Poitras Boulevard. Jean-Massé Street also provides pedestrian access to the station.

It is accessible via two entrances on either side of the railway track. The south platform toward downtown is accessible via Henri-Bourassa Boulevard West, while the north platform can be accessed from the parking lot.


  • Start of construction: Spring 2019
  • Height of the station: 8.6 m from street level
  • Length of each platform: 80 m
  • Planned public square

Frequency once the network is fully commissioned

  • Peak hours: 2.5 minutes
  • Off-peak hours: 5 minutes

Travel times

  • Brossard: 31 minutes
  • Central Station: 14 minutes
  • McGill: 12 minutes
  • Édouard-Montpetit: 9 minutes
  • Bois-Franc: 2 minutes
  • YUL-Aéroport-Montréal-Trudeau: 12 minutes*
  • Anse-à-l'Orme: 20 minutes*
  • Deux-Montagnes: 20 minutes*

*To get to this station, you must check the final destination before boarding the REM at Du Ruisseau station.

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