The Stations


Du Quartier

Du Quartier is located in the median of Autoroute 10 and is integrated with the overpass for Boulevard Du Quartier. It is directly connected to the Quartier DIX30 shopping district and the Solar Uniquartier, a transit oriented development project. Work for the station started in Fall 2018.

  • Due to its location in the median of Autoroute 10, platform level is located at ground level, with the concourse being one level higher. Passengers entering the station need to either enter from the Boulevard Du Quartier overpass, the Solar Uniquartier pedestrian bridge or from the Quartier DIX30 pedestrian bridge. All entrances are fully-accesible with elevators or level access.
  • Solar Uniquartier is the first transit-oriented development (TOD) on the South Shore. The development will include approximately 2,600 residential unites once completed. The station is directly connected with the development.
  • Passengers arriving from Du Quartier have a covered passage around the Cinema Cineplex Odeon to reach the main entrance of the station. Music plays in the passage continuously.


  • Opening Date: July 31, 2023
  • Station Height: 13.6m from the roadway (concourse level)
  • Line: Main Segment | Brossard-Gare Centrale (A1)
  • Previous Station: Brossard
  • Following Station: Panama
  • Fare Zone: B